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Immersivus Gallery


Frida Kahlo – immersive biography, a daring multimedia creation, which will be installed in several spaces of the reservoir, where we will be guided by different sound and artistic environments that reproduce relevant moments of Frida's life - in the Mãe D'Água Reservoir - until April 2023

LISBON UNDER STARS, box office success for several years, with more than 140,000 visitors and winner of several Awards and Mentions- nas Ruínas do Carmo - next edition in 2023

In Mysterious Egypt, an audiovisual journey, created from original contents in various museums and libraries worldwide - in the Mãe D'Água Reservoir - until April 2023

Monet & Klimt , sensory experience, in a contemporary and relaxed approach, on the work of two great masters of painting - at the Mãe D'Água Reservoir - permanent


Immersivus Gallery is the first gallery of immersive artistic experiences in Portugal and a national artistic reference point. In this space, several immersive experiences are developed, with different themes and artists, national and international, which through the union of technology and art, gives visitors the opportunity to experience art and culture in an innovative way.

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You can find more information on the Portugal Agenda page, where all the shows are on display:




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