Dear Guest,

For your own comfort and safety, as well as other guests, we kindly ask you to read carefully and observe our Internal Regulations.


Good environmental practices that allow an efficient use of resources, thus minimizing their impact on ecosystems;
Use of lights. - If the room lights do not turn off automatically, there should be easily accessible information asking guests to turn off the lights before leaving the room.
Use of heating and air conditioning. - If the heating and/or air conditioning do not turn off automatically when the windows are open, there must be easily accessible information that draws guests' attention to the need to close the windows when the heating or air conditioning is on.
Change of towels and sheets. - Guests must be informed that, according to the resort's environmental policy, sheets and towels will only be changed at the guests' request or, in their absence, according to the minimum legally required.
Water losses. - Project personnel must be trained to monitor the existence of visible water losses on a daily basis and take appropriate measures as necessary. Guests should be asked to report any water loss to staff.

CHECK-IN: 14:00 / CHECK-OUT: 12:00 - Both times, regardless of the arrival time of the guest to the hotel.
Departure after 12 hours, only upon authorization of the Reservation or Reception sector. If this does not happen, you will be charged another daily rate.
• Breakfast will be served daily on the 1st floor from 08:00 to 10:30 am - is included in the daily rate.
The hotel has no obligation to serve breakfast before or after the above hours, regardless of the guest's arrival or departure time.
The in-room breakfast service will have an additional cost of € 10 and should always be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

2) In order to enjoy our accommodation, it is mandatory to present a valid identification document, Identity Card / Citizen Card or Passport, for national and foreign guests (in this case passport). According to article 16 of Law no. 23/2007, entities that operate touristic enterprises, local accommodation establishments or any others that provide accommodation for consideration, are obliged to fill in the so-called accommodation bulletins. it is mandatory to fill out an accommodation bulletin for each member of the household, including minor children, or for each of the members of a travel group

3) For our contribution to the environment, generating water and energy savings, we inform you that bed linen will be changed every 3 days and daily bath linen. In special cases the possibility of changing bed linen or bathing in a shorter period of time may be analyzed. Please contact the front desk.

A) Maintain conduct consistent with the socio-familial environment of the Hotel;
B) To respect the hours and norms of operation of the offered services;
C) To inform the managers of any irregularities occurring in the Hotel's premises, in order to take appropriate measures;
D) To indemnify any damages or damages caused to the hotel;
E) Respect and comply fully with the provisions here regulated;
F) If it has not been previously agreed with the Reservations sector or the Hotel Reception, the room must be vacated by 12:00. Failure to comply with the time of departure may lead to appropriate measures to vacate the room. In case the guest does not vacate the room until the check-out time and / or is not present at the hotel, the floor manager will have the right to move the belongings of the guest to the reception with the supervision of the manager or responsible person. If you choose to extend the stay, the guest must request the reception, at least 24 hours in advance. If there is availability, it can be attended to.
G) Use hotel property with care to avoid damage, such as staining or ripping bed and bath linens, damaging electrical and electronic equipment, bedding, and decorations and lighting. Any damage to the assets in his possession, will be charged additionally to the daily and other expenses.

5) It is forbidden to the users of the HOTEL

A) Use of Hotel employees to perform private services;
B) To interfere, directly or indirectly, in the services of responsibility of the Administration of the Hotel
C) To stay in the same room, people beyond the limit allowed contracted;
D) To practice acts considered harmful and / or inadequate to morals and good manners;
E) Smoking inside the lobby, rooms, bathrooms and other internal areas, and the guest must use the outside area of the hotel for such;
F) The guest is not allowed to attend the restaurant using swimwear (or shirtless);
G) Cooking in apartments;
H) Children should sleep with disposable diapers to avoid damage to the mattresses, bedding and bath rooms;
I) The use of sound in high volume, and there should be respect for the silence for the other guests. Especially after 10:00 p.m.
J) The carrying and use of any legally prohibited substance or any type of weapon;
K) The practice of sports in inappropriate places or that may pose risk to other users;
L) The use of toys in places that are improper or that may cause harm to third parties;
M) Take animals to the hotel premises;
N) Abandon glass containers in inappropriate places such as in the circulation and leisure areas;

6) When you are out for a walk or use the common areas of the hotel, take good care of your belongings, such as cameras, mobile phones, backpacks, bags, etc. Never leave these objects unattended. The custody of these is the sole responsibility of the guest.

7) When leaving the room make sure to have locked the windows and closed the door. Goods and valuables such as jewelry, watches, cameras, mobile phones, credit cards, identity, passport and etc. They should be left in the safe. The custody of these is the sole responsibility of the guest and we will not be responsible for them. For this purpose, we have a safe in the reception of the hotel and the use of it is free.
7.1) The Hotel is not responsible for damages or thefts of vehicles, nor caused by nature's inclemencies and others, such as break-ins, fire, acts of vandalism practiced by third parties.

8) MONEY OR VALUE OBJECTS left on the premises are the responsibility of the guest.

9) For any information about the city, services, tours, medicines, medical assistance, mechanical assistance and suggestions, the Guests are kindly requested to come to the reception. We will be happy to help you.

10) It is not allowed to remove bathroom linen or other objects from Hotel properties.

11) Any damages that may be caused to the property of the Hotel, either by the holder of the lodging or by his or her companions, will be reimbursed upon the closing of the account, making as reference the values included in the spreadsheet of costs and assets of property values , available from management.

12) It is not allowed at any time the use of sound equipment or instruments that disturb as well as loud conversations, shouts or verbiage that serve against the tranquility or that provoke embarrassment to other guests, especially in the period between 22:00 at 07:00 a.m. Therefore, from 10:00 p.m., silence must be respected by all, except at internal events of the hotel, in which all guests will be aware of its accomplishment.

13) Management reserves the right to veto the accommodation of those who do not converge to the Hotel and will not be accepted contrary to this regulation or violate legal or moral norms, will be invited to leave the establishment.

14) When any employee of this establishment turns around and does not answer promptly and corrects, the Guest Guests are requested to take their complaints to the Management, who will take immediate action.

15) The Hotel reserves the right to request the evacuation of rooms when it is verified the use by people drunk, for illegal activities, contrary to morality or good manners.

16) Accommodation under the age of 18 (eighteen) years of age at the hotel is forbidden unless accompanied by and / or authorized by the parents or legal guardian, proving documentary kinship or condition or, if accompanied by a larger person, with written permission of the parent or legal guardian.

17) It is the responsibility of the legal guardian to ensure that adolescents do not remain unaccompanied in the private areas (rooms) and common areas of the hotel, avoiding possible incidents.

18) Guests are responsible for their belongings and minors in these areas. For security reasons, common areas are monitored by cameras.

19) The indemnification resulting from the loss of the room keys will be made by the guest of the hotel, when the account is closed.

19.1) Amount to be charged for the reset of the key will be € 2.

20) Expenses that are not covered by the daily rates (consumption of bar, telephone and others) will be added in the daily rates and are subject to prompt payment.

21) The change of room (upgrade) is sometimes possible, not depending on the occupancy of the hotel at the moment of the request. The impossibility of upgrading does not generate any indemnification to the guest.

22) EXTERNAL SERVICES: Services such as Taxi, Pharmacy, Vehicle Hire, Restaurants, Tours, Delivery and etc. are not the responsibility of the hotel. But if the Guests come to the reception and ask for this information, we would be happy to assist them.

23) It is expressly forbidden to keep animals in the hotel premises.

24) The Hotel will not be responsible for forgotten objects or values.

25) The belongings of lost or forgotten guests at the Hotel will be stored for a maximum of 90 days, and the hotel will be free to give a destination that is convenient after this period.

26) The solution of cases not covered by this regulation will be the responsibility of the Hotel Management. Complaints and suggestions please contact the reception or send an e-mail to

We appreciate the preference.

The management